Thursday, January 27, 2022


24° Fruit ripened above this
temperature may be
18° Best ripening range
12° Fruit will not ripen under
this temperature
Store hard fruit at this
temperature for up to
five (5) days. Longer
than this will incur chill injury


Soft fruit may be
kept in the refrigerator
for a couple of days
Custard apples are a delicate
tropical fruit and are easily
damaged if handled incorrectly.
You can get a greater return if
the following points are observed.

  1. Do not store green fruit
    under 8°C
  2. Store at 8° to 12° for up to 5
    days only, longer than this and
    chill injury occurs.
  3. Fruit will not ripen under 14°C.
    Extended periods at this temp
    will lead to chill injury.
  4. During Winter store fruit
    in a warm area and cover to
    hold in their own warmth.
  5. Best temperature range for
    ripening is 18° to 24°C.
  6. Shelf life is short so buy small
    quantities more frequently.
  7. Avoid small (under 300g)
    and dark green (immature)





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